Making a will ensures your property is passed on to family,
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Wills & Probate

Ensuring your peace of mind.

Your peace of mind. That’s why people recommend using a solicitor to draw up your will or to advise you if you are acting as an executor for a friend or loved one.

The insight we offer simplifies the complexities and paperwork you face, provides options you may not have thought of and the advice you might need to ensure wishes are followed. We can save a lot of stress for you, those you leave behind and the executors of estates. You will also have the comfort of knowing that your will and documents are safely stored, covered by professional indemnity and that specialist advice is just a phonecall away.

Why do it yourself, when mistakes can have drastic consequences? We offer a friendly and discrete service to prepare your will and to advise you if you are acting as an executor.




We spend our lives providing for our loved ones. Making a will ensures that your assets are shared according to your wishes. Everyone should have a will, but it is truly important if you have children or own a business. We will help you get started, review your wishes with you and prepare a will to meet your needs.



If you die without a will, or if your will is invalid for whatever reason you are “intestate”. Even if only a part of your will is invalid, that part is dealt with as if you died intestate. If you have a loved one who has died intestate you may need to be appointed as an administrator of their estate. Your assets are divided up, not as you wish, but as the law stipulates.


Enduring Power of Attorney

There may come a time when you are not able to manage your financial affairs or personal welfare. Enduring Powers of Attorney and Living Wills help you maintain some control, or place your affairs in the hands of someone you trust. We offer crucial legal advice and can act urgently to ensure your legal documents are created properly and in good time.



Being named as an executor of a will is a daunting responsibility. You will have to cope with complex paperwork, managing property, managing liabilities and distributing the estate, all the while dealing with beneficiaries. We make it as straightforward as possible and will be on hand to advise, manage the paperwork and guide you through the process.

Contesting a Will

If you have concerns over a loved one’s will, whether they had the capacity to legally express their wishes, or what has happened, or will happen, to that person’s property or finances, we have the expertise to help. Hopefully your fears can be resolved after a discrete, confidential consultation, but if not we will robustly represent your legitimate interests.


Will Review Service

Have there been changes in your life since you made your will or do you want to make sure everything is still in order and remains tax efficient? We can check that your existing will protects your loved ones from unforeseen errors, excessive tax and other risks.



Make a Will from €100

You can make your will from as little as €100. Our helpful guide will help you make the most of our make a will service, then we will discuss your wishes with you. When you have approved your will, we will meet you to review and sign it so that it is valid.


Free Executor Consultation

Being an executor can be overwhelming.  A solicitor can offer everyone peace of mind. Enjoy a free initial consultation for executors to discuss how probate works, your obligations and questions you may have. Meet the team and make informed choices on what to do.

Beneficiary Consultations

We offer a specialist consultation to discuss whether or not you can contest a will. We will review as much background information as possible and discuss your situation and options with you. Together we can decide what your next steps will be.


Peace of Mind

Whether you are making a will, have been named as an executor, or are a beneficiary there are many concerns about providing for loved ones. Consulting with TMR Fitzsimons allows you to be informed, consider your options with discrete and understanding advice.

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