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Intellectual Property

Truly expert intellectual property advice.

Intellectual property rights are what make your business stand out from its competition and are vital to growing a successful business.

As Irish and European Trade Mark & Design Right Attorneys we help you protect your ip rights. As solicitors we can help you make money from them. As litigators, we can represent you in ipr disputes, including infringement, ownership and breach of covenant actions. That means that you benefit from specialist intellectual property advice with the transactional and dispute skills of business and litigation solicitors.

We will help you to protect, use and profit from your intellectual property assets, including copyright, trade marks, patents and domain names. This is particularly important, if you will be looking for investment, because it will be part of the due diligence that an investor or grant provider will undertake.

To speak to a specialist intellectual property advisor call 0419843534.


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EU Trademark Attorneys; IP specialists; commercial lawyers; employment advisors and brand development advisors, all with the benefit of seamless litigation insight and a pragmatic business outlook.
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We understand that when your business needs legal advice, you need it now. We focus on client service. That means approachibility, ease of access and efficiency.
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You hire us to achieve the best results for your business. 1:1 we get to know you, your business and your commercial goals. You get advice you can rely on.
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EU Injunctions Global IP Settlements 7-figure sums IP Infringement Investments Commercial & IP Transactions Cease & Desists Search Orders Online Take Down Trademark Oppositions Co-Existence & more>>

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