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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Solicitors To Depend On.

When you have suffered personal injuries, our legal advice will help ensure that all aspects of your claim are properly compensated. We can advise you on all types of personal injury claims, including the most serious.

After personal injury, you may find you have had to make changes in your life. We understand that compensation for pain and suffering is only part of the story. We have secured seven-figure million euro compensation awards and could help you to access the right rehabilitation care and support.

We will help you understand the legal principles that govern your compensation claim. You can rely on us to protect your interests, to advise you whether an assessment of compensation is fair, to ensure you recover your financial losses and medical expenses and to achieve a positive outcome for you and your family.


Injuries Board Assessments

The first step in most personal injury claims is to apply to the Injuries Board for compensation. You must meet strict time limits, recognise when to get expert advice on liability, properly claim for all the losses you are entitled to, avoid factual errors that can be used against you, assess how your injuries have healed and consider whether the compensation offered is fair. That’s why we offer a fixed fee Injuries Board claims service.


Road Traffic Accident Compensation

A road accident is a distressing experience. You can suffer injuries, from bruising and whiplash, to life changing head and spinal injuries. No matter how severe your injuries, we can help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. We have also helped victims of road accidents who have suffered catastrophic life-changing injuries, personality adjustments and ongoing pain management and care needs. We can manage your claim and ensure you do not lose out on compensation.


Slips and Falls Public Liability

Perhaps you tripped on a badly built footpath, slipped on a wet floor, or there wasn’t a safe crowd control system. If the owners of the property you were on failed to meet their legal duty of care to you, you could be entitled to compensation. We have taken on large supermarkets, venues and local authorities who have failed to meet their health & safety obligations.


Workplace Injuries

Accidents at work can be very serious. Employers have to comply with health and safety regulations and must provide a safe workplace, proper procedures and appropriate training for your job. We can deal with all types of workplace injury claims and the law prohibits your employer from discriminating against you if you claim compensation.


Fatal Injury Claims

We understand the trauma caused by suddenly losing a loved one. Claiming compensation is just one of the pressing matters that you will face. But, it is vital to ensure you and your family are provided for financially. We will manage your compensation claim sensitively and quickly.


Acquired Brain Injury & Serious Injury Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered life-changing injuries in an accident, it’s important to have supportive solicitors who can lead a team to secure the compensation you need to rebuild. We understand large claims and have helped families secure the rehabilitation, care and facilities to recover and cope.


Defective Product Claims

When you buy a product you should be able to assume it is safe. A defective product is one that does not meet standards you would reasonably expect a new product to satisfy taking into account the way in which the product was promoted and used. Defective products can leave you suffering financial loss and even personal injury.


Minors Under Eighteen

Children under eighteen cannot bring legal proceedings, so you may have to bring their compensation claim. Your responsibility is to conduct their claim fairly and competently and to make all decisions for the benefit of your child. A court must approve compensation, but the Injuries Board will contribute towards the costs.




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