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I received €200,000 compensation, letting me get on with my life. I’m so very impressed by Michael’s handling of the case. He is attentive, knowledgeable, efficient and determined. His attention to detail was second to none.

Delays in treatment can worsen your condition, affect your recovery and lead to you having to undergo a tougher course of treatment. It’s very distressing to think that you may have been diagnosed sooner if it wasn’t for possible negligence.

Michael Fitzsimons and the team at TMR Fitzsimons Solicitors secured a settlement of over €200,000 compensation for Mrs. D after delays in diagnosing and treating her breast cancer.

When Mrs D became concerned about a lump in her breast, she was referred for an earlier scan despite an impending appointment for Breast Check. Mrs. D knew her family history of breast cancer and she wanted a thorough examination, particularly when her scan showed a growth. Her radiologist assured her the growth was benign and further tests unnecessary, but this was wrong and misguided. Her life threatening condition ought to have been discovered and some of her invasive treatment could have been avoided.

Mrs D came to Michael for advice and having met with him, she asked Michael to look after her case while she was focused on receiving her treatment.

We work with expert medical negligence barristers and AVMA approved medical experts. In medical negligence cases, it is crucial cases to use a team who are expert and have the credibility and experience to sway defendants and the court and to advise you.

We arranged for a radiologist to review Mrs. D’s scan. Our expert found that looking at the scan and listening to Mrs. D’s medical history, further investigations ought to have been undertaken. These would be likely to have led to a diagnosis of cancer many months earlier. We then engaged cancer specialists who could demonstrate how much the delay worsened Mrs. D’s tumour and possible clinical outcomes. During the course of the legal proceedings we obtained medical reports about her treatment and recovery and the treatment and recovery that would have been expected if she was diagnosed earlier.

Two weeks before trial we reached a settlement with the insurers for the radiologist.

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