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I couldn’t afford a dispute with my large employer. But, I couldn’t let them trample over my rights. Michael strongly represented my side of the argument, while always keeping relations good. Now things are as good as ever with my boss.

When GO’B felt that her large employer was unfairly picking on her she came to Michael Fitzsimons for advice. Her terms and conditions of work, which allowed her to work and manage her family life, were being changed. No one else at work was being targeted in this way. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t like or need her job. There were no other similar opportunities for her. She couldn’t accept the conditions, but she couldn’t leave either so the dispute had to be resolved.

We reviewed all the comparable employees at work and how they were being treated. We put together a strategy, thinking a few moves ahead.

We negotiated with her employer, highlighting her terms and conditions of employment, how she and her colleagues worked, how the current proposals were unfair and how there was a perception that she was being singled out. We also made it clear how she enjoyed working there and that despite coming to us, she had not lost trust in her employers. But we argued strongly that the proposals singled out our client. Her employers backed down.

It’s now some time later and she is still happily employed with them. She has a good relationship with the HR department that she was in dispute with.

You can have an employment dispute and maintain good relations. This can be crucial, because in tough times it can be difficult to find alternatives. But you may still need to stand your ground and fight your corner. Legal experts can help you do that while preserving crucial relationships.

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